Why Analysts Think XRP Will Plunge At Least 40% Against Bitcoin

With recent rallies in altcoins from Ethereum and XRP to Cardano and more, it seems it’s “altseason” once again. Bitcoin dominance, after all, saw a crucial rejection that suggests altcoins have room to rally to the upside. Yet there remain analysts that believe XRP is unlikely to benefit from a rally in the altcoin market. XRP Is Poised to Fall Even Further, Says Trader as Fundamental Case Remains Weak Against Bitcoin and against the U.S. […]

XRP Has Just Broken Past a Crucial Downtrend, But Don’t Bet on a Rally

Bitcoin, Ethereum, along with many other cryptocurrencies have done well in 2020. Yet the same cannot be said for XRP, which is down by approximately 10% since the start of the year. The fourth-largest cryptocurrency started the year third, but XRP has performed so relatively poorly that it has slid down a slot. Its market capitalization now sits below that of Tether’s USDT, which has been benefiting from its own influx of adoption from many […]

XRP Has Been Dropping All of 2020 — and Analysts Still Expect Downside

There was some hope earlier this year that this wasn’t going to be a bearish year for XRP. Ripple Labs, the fintech company that leverages the asset, saw a flurry of positive developments while altcoins as a whole outperformed. Yet stepping back, it’s clear that XRP is still caught in a downtrend. CNN-featured crypto analyst Luke Martin shared the chart below with the following caption: “The last few months have been pretty wild for large […]

A Fund Manager Just Bashed XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and Other Altcoins

Save for a few blips, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others have been part of the top 10 cryptocurrencies for years. Since the crash of 2018, the altcoins at the top of the pack have largely been unquestioned. But a prominent researcher and fund manager is challenging the status quo. He wrote in a recent tweet that he doesn’t think that five of the top 10 cryptocurrencies “do NOT deserve” being where they are today. […]

XRP Prints a Macro Bull Signal: A Top Analyst Says It’s Still Poised to Crash

XRP has not fared as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies have over the past few weeks. As the market leaders have stalled, trading in tight ranges, XRP has slid lower and lower. From May’s highs of approximately $0.23, the cryptocurrency has collapsed by 20% to $0.185 as of the time of this article’s writing. The bearish price action, though, has allowed the altcoin to print a macro bull signal: a Tom Demark […]

XRP Is Primed to Break Dozens of Percent Lower as Textbook Bearish Pattern Forms

It’s been a tough month for holders of the XRP cryptocurrency. In the past 30 days, Bitcoin has rallied 5%, Ethereum has surged 20%, and a majority of cryptocurrencies have registered gains somewhere in between the two. In contrast, XRP has actually slipped 5% lower over that same time frame, failing to be buoyed by a hot altcoin market. A number of top analysts expect this underperformance to continue, pointing to clear technical signs that […]

Federal Judge Merges Two Cases Against Ripple

Earlier this week, a federal judge ordered a case against Ripple and its CEO Bradley Garlinghouse be consolidated with a class action led by Bradley Sostack. In civil law, consolidation involves the merger of two or more cases that are similar in nature in order to optimize the judicial resources. BMA’s Suit Merged with Class Action At the beginning of May, Puerto Rican company Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement (BMA) filed a suit against Ripple and its […]

XRP Is Poised to Plunge Even Lower as Price Falls Under Two Crucial Supports

There was a short period last week during which altcoins outperformed Bitcoin. Yet XRP and the rest of the cryptocurrency market have begun to underperform the market leader yet again. It’s a trend that analysts expect to continue, especially as cryptocurrencies like XRP post harrowing technical signs indicative of impending downside. Altcoins as a whole have printed bearish fundamental signs, further corroborating the expectations of a move lower in the coming weeks. XRP Trades Under […]

This Fractal Pattern Puts XRP at Grave Risk of Seeing Massive Downside

XRP has been largely hovering around the $0.20 region in recent times, failing to garner any decisive momentum as the aggregated market stalls The crypto’s lack of growth in recent times has led it to surrender its spot as the third largest digital asset to stablecoin Tether (USDT) One analyst is now pointing to a grim fractal pattern that shows the cryptocurrency could be at grave risk of seeing a massive downside movement in the […]

Even After 94% Crash From 2018 Peak, Analysts Think XRP Isn’t Done Falling Yet

While XRP is one of the most popular projects in the space, it has been one of the worst performing large-cap cryptocurrencies since the 2018’s highs. Even after the recent rally in this nascent market that saw most digital assets double in the span of six weeks, XRP is down by over 94% from its all-time high established on Bitstamp in early 2018. And in March, the asset was trading at three-year lows. While some […]

Analysts: XRP to See Final Capitulation After Crashing Below Key Support Level

Although Bitcoin is pushing multi-month highs, XRP isn’t. The cryptocurrency is trading at $0.205 — over 10% shy of its $0.245 monthly high — while Bitcoin is trading a mere 3% below its $10,100 monthly high, data from TradingView.com shows. It’s too soon to expect XRP to rebound against Bitcoin though, multiple crypto analysts say, pointing to the fact that the digital asset has slipped below key support levels. XRP Isn’t Looking Too Hot, Analysts Agree […]

Analysts Expect XRP to Plummet After Breaking Year-Long Trading Range

XRP is once again seeing a severe underperformance of Bitcoin and many of its other peers The cryptocurrency has failed to post any notable rally today despite that seen by Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market Analysts are now noting that it could be well-positioned to see some major downside in the weeks ahead as the effects of its year-long breakdown begin to reach a boiling point XRP has been hovering around the $0.20 for […]

It’s the “Last Stand” for Bag Holders of XRP: Top Analyst Peter Brandt

XRP hasn’t been excluded from the recent rally in the cryptocurrency market. From its lows in March of $0.11, the second-largest altcoin has gained over 100% from the lows. As Bitcoin topped $9,400 last week, the altcoin topped $0.23, showing strength after a macro downtrend. This recovery aside, top analysts believe that the cryptocurrency is currently in a bearish macro position. One prominent trader went as far as to say that it is the “last […]

Despite Strengthening XRP Chart, On-Chain Metrics Are Bearish: Analyst

XRP hasn’t been excluded from the recent rally in the cryptocurrency market. From its lows in March of $0.11, the second-largest altcoin has gained over 100% from the lows. As Bitcoin topped $9,400 last week, XRP topped $0.23, showing strength after a macro downtrend. This strength recently allowed XRP to surpass its 50-day simple moving average. Normally, this would be seen as a decisively bullish sign, as this level is often regarded as a “line […]

Ripple’s XRP is Preparing for a Brutal Breakdown as Key Level Fails to Hold

Top cryptocurrencies, XRP included, have been on a remarkable rally over the past few weeks. Bitcoin, whose trajectory dictates the direction of the rest of the cryptocurrency market, printed its seventh week of gains in a row on Monday morning. This is a rare feat that some say signals the start of a full-blown bull rally. Yet an analyst working for a top crypto research firm is fearing that XRP may soon see a sharp […]

Analyst That Called XRP’s Crash to $0.13 Now Fears a Strong Ethereum Drop

All cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to smaller altcoins, have been rallying over the past few weeks. Just last week, Ether hit a high of $225 — up more than 150% from the lows seen during March’s capitulation. This move has convinced analysts that more upside is in the works for all cryptocurrencies. Yet an accurate trader that managed to predict price action that others didn’t is fearful of an Ethereum crash. Ethereum Could Plunge, […]

Despite 110% Rally From Lows, XRP’s Price Action is “Super Weak”: Analyst

All cryptocurrencies have mounted a strong recovery since the March lows, XRP included. After bottoming at $0.11, the third-largest altcoin by market capitalization rallied 110% from the lows to find a local top near $0.24 just last week. It was a performance that effectively beat any other multi-billion-dollar asset over the same time period, save for other cryptocurrencies. Yet, top analysts are warning that the cryptocurrency’s chart is looking bearish, despite the recovery and the […]

XRP and BCH at Risk of a Severe Correction After a Textbook Sell Signal Emerges

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen many begin to itch for a rally in XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and other high-profile altcoins. With Ethereum starting to outperform, investors have been wondering when others would follow suit. Luke Martin, a prominent crypto trader featured on CNN last year, summed up the hype well by posting the four charts seen below. Suggesting XRP and other altcoins are poised to surge, the analyst wrote: “Major alts have high correlation, […]

If You Bought $1,000 of XRP Six Years Ago, It Would Be Worth $67,000 Now

XRP hasn’t gone too well over the past few years. Ever since the cryptocurrency topped at approximately $3.30 (depending on what exchange you check), it has been on a precipitous drop lower, punctuated by March’s crash, which brought the asset to $0.11, more than 96% lower than the all-time high. Even still, a recent observation from a cryptocurrency trader shows that as long as you bought long enough ago, you would still be well in […]

Data Shows XRP’s Community Is Dissolving Fast: What’s Behind the Trend?

XRP has long had an active and loud community, hence their moniker “the XRP Army.” For some reason, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization managed to become a crowd-favorite project, with a seemingly endless flow of supporters. According to new data, however, this is changing, with multiple reports indicating that the Ripple community is shrinking at a rapid clip despite positive fundamental developments. XRP’s Community Is Shrinking… and Fast According to “The State of Digital […]