Last Time This Signal Appeared, XRP Dove 35% Against Bitcoin. It’s Back

Like other altcoins, XRP has rallied against Bitcoin over the past few days. While the leading cryptocurrency has stalled in the low-$9,000s, XRP has begun to push past the psychological resistance of $0.20. Even after BTC retraced by 3% from its local highs, the altcoin remains above $0.20. Some believe that this breakout is a signal of an even greater rally. Yet a crucial time-based indicator that last appeared before XRP began a decline in […]

Federal Judge Merges Two Cases Against Ripple

Earlier this week, a federal judge ordered a case against Ripple and its CEO Bradley Garlinghouse be consolidated with a class action led by Bradley Sostack. In civil law, consolidation involves the merger of two or more cases that are similar in nature in order to optimize the judicial resources. BMA’s Suit Merged with Class Action At the beginning of May, Puerto Rican company Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement (BMA) filed a suit against Ripple and its […]

This Fractal Pattern Puts XRP at Grave Risk of Seeing Massive Downside

XRP has been largely hovering around the $0.20 region in recent times, failing to garner any decisive momentum as the aggregated market stalls The crypto’s lack of growth in recent times has led it to surrender its spot as the third largest digital asset to stablecoin Tether (USDT) One analyst is now pointing to a grim fractal pattern that shows the cryptocurrency could be at grave risk of seeing a massive downside movement in the […]

Analysts Expect XRP to Plummet After Breaking Year-Long Trading Range

XRP is once again seeing a severe underperformance of Bitcoin and many of its other peers The cryptocurrency has failed to post any notable rally today despite that seen by Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market Analysts are now noting that it could be well-positioned to see some major downside in the weeks ahead as the effects of its year-long breakdown begin to reach a boiling point XRP has been hovering around the $0.20 for […]

XRP Shatters Crucial Macro Support as Analysts Eye Serious Downside

XRP has continued to severely underperform Bitcoin, forcing it to also see some downside against its USD trading pair despite the bullish market conditions This weakness has caused the third-largest crypto to decline beneath a key last-ditch support level that was bolstering its price action Analysts are now noting that it could soon see a freefall that leads it significantly lower due to the weakness resulting from this dire technical breakdown Yesterday the aggregated crypto […]

It’s the “Last Stand” for Bag Holders of XRP: Top Analyst Peter Brandt

XRP hasn’t been excluded from the recent rally in the cryptocurrency market. From its lows in March of $0.11, the second-largest altcoin has gained over 100% from the lows. As Bitcoin topped $9,400 last week, the altcoin topped $0.23, showing strength after a macro downtrend. This recovery aside, top analysts believe that the cryptocurrency is currently in a bearish macro position. One prominent trader went as far as to say that it is the “last […]

Analyst Who Called XRP’s Previous Lows Now Thinks It Will Hit $0.05

XRP has been able to firmly establish its position within the lower-$0.20 region throughout the past several days, even climbing higher today In spite of this, analysts are still wary of its mid-term outlook, with one going so far as to say that he anticipates it to decline towards $0.05 in the months ahead This comes as reports surface of Ripple’s co-founder offloading roughly $400,000 worth of the token every day XRP’s technical weakness throughout […]

XRP’s Bear Case Strengthens as Ripple Unlocks $210 Million From Escrow

Ever since the highs of the 2017-2018 bull market, XRP has not done too well. The third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, per data from, has collapsed by more than 94 percent from its all-time high around $3.40. Although XRP has recovered with the rest of the crypto market over the past few days, there’s a growing confluence of signs that the altcoin is poised to outperform competitors like Ethereum and Bitcoin. One such sign is […]

XRP Just Faced a Harsh Rejection at a Key Trendline; Trouble Ahead?

The aggregated crypto market has incurred some intense upwards momentum today, allowing major altcoins like XRP to post notable gains This latest upswing comes shortly after the cryptocurrency incurred a rally independent of the market yesterday It is important to note that XRP has faced a notable rejection against its Bitcoin trading pair, forcing it to remain beneath a key trendline Although XRP has been fully exposed to the downside seen by the aggregated crypto […]

If You Bought $1,000 of XRP Six Years Ago, It Would Be Worth $67,000 Now

XRP hasn’t gone too well over the past few years. Ever since the cryptocurrency topped at approximately $3.30 (depending on what exchange you check), it has been on a precipitous drop lower, punctuated by March’s crash, which brought the asset to $0.11, more than 96% lower than the all-time high. Even still, a recent observation from a cryptocurrency trader shows that as long as you bought long enough ago, you would still be well in […]

Diamonds Are Forever: Bitcoin and XRP Just Formed an Ultra-Rare Bottom Pattern

Bitcoin and XRP have both made strong recoveries since their epic plunge last month amidst the Coronavirus panic selloff that rocked the stock market. The V-shape bottom and previous top have potentially formed an ultra-rare diamond bottom pattern across the two crypto assets. Bitcoin and XRP Aim For Further Upside After Strong Post-Collapse Recovery Number 1 and number 3 cryptocurrencies by market cap, Bitcoin and XRP respectively, had breakout early 2020 performances, resulting in powerful […]

XRP was Worst Performing Crypto in Q1 Despite Massive Fundamental Growth

In the time following the massive market-wide bull run seen in in late-2017 and early-2018, XRP has been one of the worst performing altcoins, posting intense losses that have led it to underperform most of its peers. The first quarter of 2020 was no exception to this trend either, as data reveals that it was the worst performing cryptocurrency in Q1 2020. This weakness has come about despite multiple positive fundamental developments seen by the […]

One of the “Scariest Charts”: Analysts Fear XRP Is Subject to Steep Downside

Since the peak of the crypto market in 2018, XRP has been a shell of its former self from a charting perspective. The cryptocurrency, despite numerous technical developments, is currently trading more than 90% below its all-time high of $3.30 — a far cry from the 67% that Bitcoin has lost from its all-time high. Put simply, relative to BTC, XRP is dramatically oversold and has been for months. The third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization […]

Ripple Partnership Discussed By Bank of America Exec

In an interview discussing emerging digital payment technology a lead executive at Bank of America praised Ripple as a partner. She noted Ripple’s passage of the bank’s compliance processes, and praised its ability to deliver quality services. RIPPLE PRAISED FOR ITS POTENTIAL TO INTEGRATE WITH BANK SERVICES Julie Harris, head of global banking, digital strategy made the comments on a podcast published by Bank of America. The conversation centered around the emerging payment options available […]

Ripple Co-Founder Unlocks 63.7 Million XRP From Settlement Wallet

Guess who’s at it again moving the latest part of his Ripple settlement? Co-Founder Jed McCaleb just transferred 63,704,590 XRP ($12,293,769) to his personal wallet. XRP holders brace for the possible incoming dump. Former Ripple Founder’s Massive XRP Transfer Late last night, Whale Alert flagged up the gigantic XRP transfer from Jed McCaleb Settlement to Jed McCaleb’s wallet. More than $12mn worth of XRP could be getting ready to be dumped on the market. 🚨 […]

Ripple’s XRP Scores New Crypto Exchange Listing

With Ripple’s XRP posting significant gains today, things could be looking up. XRP just scored a new listing on top-50 cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT paired with BTC and USDT. Things Looking Up for XRP? Ripple’s XRP suffered a catastrophic 2019 as the worst-performing of the top 10 coins last year, finishing the year at less than 20 cents a coin. But, in 2020, XRP seems to have followed the trend of most major coins. It started […]

Ripple Labs Co-Founder Recovers From Coronavirus

With all the media attention on the shortage of hospital beds and medical supplies, it’s not often that you hear an uplifting headline. Well, crypto community, chin up. Ripple Labs Chairman Chris Larsen has made a full recovery from COVID-19. And he’s encouraging others who have to donate their blood. Chris Larsen Makes a ‘Full Recovery’ Posting on his Twitter last night, Larsen thanked everyone on the front lines who had helped him recover. He […]

XRP Falls Behind Bitcoin SV, Dogecoin in Active Addresses

Evidence suggesting a change in investor behavior continues to grow as XRP and a handful of other projects see serious declines in crypto wallet addresses over the past 4 weeks.  XRP Investors Hodling or Losing Interest? Analyst CryptoRand has posted a chart showing the number of dynamic addresses has decreased among many major platforms over the past month. According to Crypto Differ figures, XRP is by far the worst affected. Interesting decrease on $XRP dynamic […]

Ripple Launches X-Border App With Thai Commercial Bank

In a country with more mobile phone subscriptions than people, mobile banking has taken off in Thailand in a big way. After partnering with a fintech remittance company recently, Ripple is now sewing up the Thai market by joining forces with its largest commercial bank, SCB. Ripple to Boost Thai Remittances Further Hot off the heels of its partnership with DeeMoney that allows more than 1 million Thais to send money home, Ripple is now […]

Ripple Lawsuit Plaintiffs Put CEO in the Crosshairs

Plaintiffs have filed an amended complaint against Ripple Labs in their two-year long lawsuit against the blockchain-based company. The modified lawsuit puts new pressure on Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse. BRAD GARLINGHOUSE ACCUSED OF FRAUD The new amendment emphasizes CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s role in misleading XRP investors. It states that the head of Ripple repeatedly told the public that he intended to hold the token when in fact he was actively selling it. The complaint states: […]