Whale Transfers Bitcoin Worth $10 Million to Bitstamp; Dump Incoming?

Bitcoins worth $10 million dollars have been transferred to the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp from an unknown wallet address. Will BTC dump again?  Just two days after Bitcoin’s biggest crash in over 10 months, falling from a value of around $7200 per BTC to under $5500 where it currently resides, a huge transfer of the cryptocurrency has taken place today. According to whale-alert.io’s Twitter update: 2,000 BTC were transferred from an unknown address to the cryptocurrency […]

Bitcoin Price Regains $8K Support Zone, is the Bottom in?

Bitcoin price held support levels predicted by technical analysis, but the question remains whether the recent price drop has reached its bottom. Price Slide Abated, but Calling Bottom Still Not Certain The recent price drop below $9,100 brought bitcoin briefly under $7,700. But as the selling pressures abated, BTC is now at above $7,900, holding for now without another crash. The possibility for rapid-fire selling from whales crashed the prices, while allowing the possibility for […]

PlusToken Scammers Move Stolen Bitcoin Again, Dump Inbound?

Evidence indicates that more Bitcoin related to the PlusToken scam is moving into mixers. If true, it gives more evidence that the holders of these stolen funds are preparing to take advantage of the market recovery. SCAMMERS TRY TO LAUNDER STOLEN BITCOINS One of the many analysts following Plustoken’s suspected wallets has now provided evidence that 13,000 of the stolen bitcoins are being moved into mixers. ErgoBTC has tweeted: ~13k in new PlusToken mixer deposits […]

Warning: Bitcoin from PlusToken Wallet on the Move Again

The Bitcoin locked in the PlusToken wallet are on the move again, noted for another “whale” transfer. The Ponzi scheme famous in China, reportedly held up to 187,000 BTC. PlusToken Scheme Consolidates Transactions A whale transaction was recognized as most probably belonging to the PlusToken scheme, signaling that there were still active members of the project. The move came just days after Bitcoin recovered above $10,000. The transaction of 11,999 BTC is now worth moreRead More The post appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

Happy Bitconnect RIP Day Everybody

Bitconnect, one of the most notorious and widespread pyramid schemes in crypto history, crashed two years ago today. BitConnect Scheme Unraveled as Bitcoin Moved Away from Peak Prices The crypto lending scheme, known for its mass-audience meetings and pervasive messages, promised huge rates of return, depending on always-booming BTC prices. At its peak, BitConnect (BCC) token reached prices close to $600. Magical words that the history gives us.#BitConnect Ponzi scheme. Thanks to these kind ofRead More The post appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

Ethereum Worth $105 Million Moved by PlusToken Scammers

ethereum moved by plustoken scammer

A recent “whale” transaction of 789,525 Ethereum (ETH) was claimed to belong to the wallets of the PlusToken scam. The exact holdings of ETH for the scheme are unknown, but this tranche alone is worth $105 million. PlusToken Still Holds onto Part of BTC, ETH Haul PlusToken, despite the law enforcement crackdown against the team, seems to be in no trouble to access its assets. The move to an “unknown wallet” can function as obscuring

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Bitcoin Price Dropped Below $7,000 Likely on PlusToken Dumpers

bitcoin price getting dumped

Bitcoin price broke down below the psychological level of $7,000 late on Monday. The cryptocurrency updated the December low after blockchain researcher Chainalysis said that PlusToken scammers were selling coins to cash out. Bitcoin Dragging Down Crypto Market At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency fell 3.11% in the last 24 hours, touching the daily low at $6,905. For most of the day, the bitcoin price was trading above $7,100. Altcoins tumbled as well, even

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CoinMetrics Data: The True Extent of PlusToken BTC Dumping on Huobi

Data shows extent of plustoken BTC dumping on huobi

In the last few months, media reported on several occasions that Singapore-based crypto exchange, Huobi, had processed a huge amount of PlusToken withdrawals. Crypto market data firm, Coin Metrics, has recently presented some on-chain data to back those findings. Data Confirms Huobi Has Been Used by PlusToken Scammers PlusToken was one of the greatest ponzi schemes in the 10+ years history of the crypto market. The scheme operated mostly in South Korea and China. It

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Coinjer Scam is Making the Rounds, Here’s What You Need to Know

Coinjer bitcoin scam

The Coinjer scam is one of the latest cons to hit crypto-related social media recently. The scam primarily operates across Telegram channels and tricks people into coughing up bitcoin in order to receive more.  The Coinjer Scam Promises BTC Rewards The Coinjer scam is a relatively small-scale attempt to syphon away Bitcoin (BTC). The scheme offers a BTC reward, but ends up not paying it, a Reddit thread explains. The messages spreading on Telegram promise

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Is PlusToken Behind Bitcoin Bull and Bear Price Actions this Year?

plustoken behind bitcoin rally

The bitcoin price rally in the summer of 2019 may have been the work of PlusToken investors. The scam, highly influential in China, but largely invisible to Western traders and social media, benefited greatly from the hype and growing BTC prices. Plus Token Raised Demand for Bitcoin in Early 2019 Dovey Wan, the co-founder of Primitive Crypto, is of the opinion that the PlusToken scheme may have manipulated the bitcoin market. The BTC crash in

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Bitcoin Breaks $7,000 as Whale Dumps on Huobi

bitcoin crashes as whale dumps on Huobi

Bitcoin kept bleeding on Friday, extending the gradual losses from the past weeks. BTC broke below $7,000 just around the time US markets opened on Friday, sliding to $6,791.46. Is the Bitcoin Whale the Plus Token Scammer? The reason for the breakdown of bitcoin may be the wallet of the Plus Token scam, which is once again selling its haul through Huobi. In the past months, the size and scale of the scheme became known,

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Mid-Week Bitcoin Dump Not Caused By Chinese Ponzi: Researcher

bitcoin price china ponzi

Wednesday’s Bitcoin flash crash was not due to a sell-off from Chinese ponzi scam, PlusToken, a researcher has claimed. Sid Shekhar, the co-founder of London-based, TokenAnalyst, said the disputed coins were moved earlier on the blockchain. We Can All Relax, It’s A False Alarm As Bitcoinist reported on Thursday, cryptocurrency influencer, Dovey Wan, brought the $3 billion scam to the attention of the international crypto-community on Twitter. Analysis from Peckshield suggested that about 1000BTC from PlusToken had

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