Altcoins Surged After Bitcoin’s Last Halving: Here’s Why This Time is Different

Because we lack knowledge of the future, we look into the past to gain knowledge of what lies ahead. Bitcoin investors are no exception to this rule, often observing historical trends as a way to predict what comes next for cryptocurrency. Zack Voell, a market analyst at CoinDesk, made this much clear when he published tweet below. Per the data from TradingView, Voell noted, Bitcoin dominance — the percentage of the cryptocurrency market made up […]

Bloomberg Ironically Makes the Best Case For Crypto by Condemning the Fed

Bloomberg may have just made the best possible case for crypto. In an opinion piece for the mainstream news outlet, the writer points out that, “by throwing trillions of dollars at the coronavirus problem, governments risk undermining trust in currencies.” Doing ‘Whatever It Takes’ May be Good for Crypto As the Bloomberg piece points out, governments pledging to do “whatever it takes” is “going to cost a lot of money.” This is extremely concerning as […]

5 Key Fundamental Factors Suggest Bitcoin is Gearing Towards a Monumental Recovery

The wider economic outlook is extremely uncertain right now. But even as unemployment rises and fiat continues to debase, there are plenty of reasons to be bullish on Bitcoin. Let’s take a look at the top five today. 1. Bitcoin Price to 10x 1-2 Years After Halving Despite some uncertainty surrounding the upcoming Bitcoin Halving and whether the lower-than-expected Bitcoin price may result in miner capitulation leaving the network vulnerable, investor and analyst PlanB is […]

Crypto Market Faces its Biggest Risk Yet as Central Banks Make a Surprising Move

Central banks are concerned about the widespread adoption of stablecoins threatening the global financial system. As they make recommendations to heavily regulate or even ban them, the Crypto market now faces its biggest threat yet. Financial Stability Board (FSB) Recommendations Brutal for Digital Assets In a document published yesterday, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) outlined its concerns about stablecoins in the global financial market. Since stablecoins “enhance the efficiency of the provision of financial services,” […]

This Nobel-Winning Economist Predicted Bitcoin’s Formidable Rise in 1991

Almost 30 years ago, Nobel Prize-winning American economist Milton Friedman said he would like to have money controlled by a computer. He also said it would be a better world without the Federal Reserve. One of his two desires is already happening in the form of Bitcoin. In fact, he seems to have predicted its formidable rise in 1991. And with the FED’s incessant money printing causing growing criticism–is it a question of time before […]

Macro Factors Signal That Crypto Bottom Is Not Yet In

Over the past few weeks, both the S&P 500 and the crypto markets have been showing signs of recovery. Yet, with the worst of the COVID-19 crisis still to come and a deepening global recession, macro factors show that the bottom may not yet be in. Crypto Bottom Could Still Be to Come The cryptocurrency markets have been battered by the coronavirus pandemic as economies around the world shutter to a halt taking investor confidence […]

Bitcoin Still the Best Performing Asset of the Past Year, Despite Chilling Crash

Despite the brutal selloff that left no markets unscathed, Bitcoin remains the best performing asset over the past year-except for gold, that narrowly outshines it today.  Bitcoin Outperformed S&P By a Landslide March 11, 2020, was a dark day for the world. That was the day the World Health Organization (that had previously dragged its heels) finally declared the coronavirus a pandemic. And that sent shockwaves through the markets. Asset classes around the world began […]

Is Bitcoin The Best Retirement Investment Option? Many Now Believe So

More analysts than ever are encouraging young people to take advantage of the current market dip and begin investing in Bitcoin for retirement. Whereas this idea is nothing new, current forces in the legacy financial space are making it more appealing. At least one analyst asserts that a mere one Bitcoin will provide a vastly better long-term return than traditional savings. Inflation Could Be A Game Changer Over the course of the past forty years […]

Bitcoin Price Could Drop Below $3000: Silk Road Founder

Ross Ulbricht is predicting that Bitcoin’s price will move downward in the short term, drawing a parallel to a previous years-long cycle that led the flagship cryptocurrency through several waves of volatility. He notes, however, that the flagship cryptocurrency will eventually recover and achieve a vastly higher value. Long-Term Bitcoin Market Cycle Is Driving The Value Looking at market data stretching back to 2011, Ulbricht asserts that Bitcoin has moved through two key cycles. The […]

Are Bitcoin Miners Pumping BTC’s Hashrate to Profit from Halving?

There’s a notable increase in bitcoin’s mining hash rate, as miners now seek to acquire as many coins as possible before May’s block reward halving. As Always, Economic Incentives Drive Mining Not surprisingly, Bitcoin’s major price drop last month resulted in an equally notable drop in mining. Older, less-efficient rigs simply became too unprofitable to operate. Now that the price is moving back up, miners are putting these rigs back in action. There is presently […]

Bitcoin Network Activity Shows BTC’s Changing More Hands Than Usual

When Bitcoin’s price fell sharply four weeks ago network activity dropped as investors began to put their coins into storage. This trend is reversing as the daily transaction number is once again increasing, and coins are on the move. Is Bitcoin Price Recovery Bringing Back Traders? Glassnode has posted a chart of active Bitcoins that shows how the number moving across the network began to accelerate rapidly last August, only to level off last month. […]

Central Bank Digital Currencies May Arrive Within 3 Years

Deutsche Bank analyst Marion Laboure said that the major central banks that recently formed a think tank to explore digital currencies might take concrete actions within three years. The global pandemic is accelerating the process. COVID Pandemic Will Speedup CBDC Adoption When Bitcoin first came out, central banks ignored the potential of blockchain and even tried to curb crypto adoption. When they understood that cryptocurrency is not only hype, some of them hinted that sometime […]

Why Bitcoin Analysts See This Dip As Incredible Opportunity To Buy

Today’s Bitcoin price drop below USD $7k has taken some by surprise, yet it is causing little concern among analysts, In fact, the mood is optimistic, as most believe that the market will recover quickly, with the flagship crypto currency soon surging much higher. BITCOIN PRICE MOVING UP DESPITE CORRECTION Today’s market dip has not caused a notable shift in Bitcoin’s general upward movement since mid-March. In fact, a look at the chart from CoinMarketCap […]

BitMEX CEO: ‘All in, Motherf*ckers’ on Bitcoin and Gold

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes put out a thought-provoking piece on the company blog today. He talks about the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on the global economy and states that nothing will ever be the same again. “The USD fiction is over. It’s time for a new mental crutch.” He’s opting for Bitcoin and gold–what will your fiction be? Arthur Hayes Paints a Grim Picture of the Post COVID World As charismatic as ever, this […]

Huobi Korea Delists Monero Over Nth Room Case, Bithumb May Follow

Reports have emerged that participants in a Korean-based sexual exploitation ring used Monero for criminal acts. As a result, Bithumb is considering delisting the cryptocurrency. Huobi has already dropped it from its Korean exchange.  EXCHANGES CITE PRIVACY CONCERNS OVER MONERO The “Nth Room Case” is an unfolding criminal investigation unfolding in South Korea that allegedly involved sexual crimes broadcast in Telegram chat rooms. South Korean authorities have inferred that part of the operation involved Monero […]

Bitcoin SV Roadmap Is Only Available to a Select Few

Just in case you wanted to catch a glimpse of Bitcoin SV’s roadmap, you’ll need to be part of the inner circle first. Head over to the page where it resides and you’re met with a message saying “protected” and prompting you to enter a password. Bitcoin SV Roadmap Is Password Protected The decision from the Bitcoin SV camp to password-protect their road map seems like a curious one. It was pointed out by Dragon […]

Bitcoin Cash 51% Attack Cost Is Crazy Cheap Right Now

According to a site called Crypto 51, the cost for staging a 51% attack on PoW coins is a lot lower than you think. In fact, right now, the cost per hour for wiping out Bitcoin Cash is just $9,130. That doesn’t include block rewards which “can reduce the attack cost by up to 80%.” 51% Attack on Bitcoin Cash Alarmingly Cheap Crytpo 51 shows a list of PoW coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Tumbles Under $7K, More Losses Ahead if Support Fails

Bitcoin has tumbled below $7,000 on Friday, which has surprised many investors. If the current support level at $6,900 doesn’t hold, the chances are that the bearish mood will extend. Bitcoin Slips on Good Friday Most of the traditional markets are closed today in observance of Good Friday, but crypto exchanges don’t experience a significant drop in trading volumes. This suggests that the bearish move is genuine and might continue if bulls don’t hold at […]

Binance Rejects Charges of Embezzlement, Shares Its Side of Story

Binance reacted to recent allegations that it had embezzled hundreds of thousands of US dollars in cryptocurrency from a user, referring to recent reports covering the situation as false information. Binance Complied with Korean Law Enforcement’s Request On Wednesday, Bitcoinist reported that Binance was accused of embezzling almost $860,000 in crypto funds from a user based in Ukraine. On Thursday, Binance presented its side of the story. The crypto exchange admitted that the user’s account […]

Global Stablecoins Could ‘Pose Systemic Risks’ to EU

The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) has provided its position on crypto-assets and regulation in a response to the European Commission’s consultation. While the country supports an “ambitious approach” to foster innovation, authorities remain concerned about the threat of global stablecoins. AMF Responds to EU Proposal on Crypto Assets The EU has been working on a strategy that promotes digital finance within the bloc but also addresses the new risks it causes. The Commission launched […]