Ripple Co-Founder Unlocks 63.7 Million XRP From Settlement Wallet

Guess who’s at it again moving the latest part of his Ripple settlement? Co-Founder Jed McCaleb just transferred 63,704,590 XRP ($12,293,769) to his personal wallet. XRP holders brace for the possible incoming dump. Former Ripple Founder’s Massive XRP Transfer Late last night, Whale Alert flagged up the gigantic XRP transfer from Jed McCaleb Settlement to Jed McCaleb’s wallet. More than $12mn worth of XRP could be getting ready to be dumped on the market. 🚨 […]

25 Million XRP Head to Bistamp From Ripple Whale Wallet

The recent market sell-off may not affect only stocks and Bitcoin (BTC). Apparently, XRP whales are also looking for a fiat position, as one wallet moves 24.95 million tokens to a crypto exchange. Who is this Whale? A recent “whale” transaction reveals a tranche of 25 million XRP coins was sent to Bitstamp today. The coins moved just a day after Bitcoin experienced a massive sell-off which sent it plunging under $8,000. 24,999,995 #XRP (5,217,224 […]

Whale Moves 31 Million XRP to Bitstamp, is Ripple Dumping Again?

A recent tweet by Whale Alert announced 31,300,000 XRP tokens had been sent to Bitstamp exchange from an unknown wallet. The wallet in question has sold millions of these tokens in the past, which it received from a known Ripple wallet. Will the Ripple community tolerate the dumping? Despite dissent from the the XRP community, it appears Ripple might be taking advantage of the recent rise in XRP prices and resuming their sales of theRead More

3 Things Holding XRP Price Back from $0.30 Right Now

Ripple’s XRP asset had a promising start of the month, rising 20% before correcting. Now however, the rally has stalled and bulls are finding it hard to break back above $0.30.   XRP, the coin hoping for global adoption, has also sparked expectations for climbing to a higher market tier. But its appreciation from $0.21 to nearly $0.30 was cut short by overall market factors. Here are the 3 chief things weighing down on the assetRead More The post appeared first on

19 Million XRP Tokens Move to Jed McCaleb’s Wallet, Dump Inbound?

The XRP rally, which took the asset back to $0.28, may be threatened, as the latest tranche of tokens are sent to Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb’s wallet. McCaleb Remains Biggest, Best Known Whale in Crypto Space McCaleb, who joined Ripple in 2014 and was the mind behind the creation of XRP, has agreed on a significant repayment in XRP to be doled over time. While not as large as the monthly Ripple escrow tranches, McCalebRead More The post appeared first on

Ripple Co-Founder McCaleb’s ‘Dramatic’ XRP Sell-Offs Hot Air, Say Investors

ripple xrp bubble hot air

Ripple community members were reacting September 25 after the Wall Street Journal claimed co-founder Jed McCaleb had “dramatically” stepped up a sell-off of his XRP token holdings. WSJ: Sales ‘Highlight Crypto Startup Complications’ According to the publication, McCaleb, who since leaving Ripple to start payment network Stellar has been under an agreement to only sell a certain number of tokens daily, has engaged in increased selling for “several weeks.” His “selloff also highlights the complications

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Stellar Surges 50 Percent in Last 7 Days

Stellar Continues to Surge, Up 50 Percent in Last 7 Days

Stellar (XLM) remains one of the best performers during the last 7 days. Stellar has seen an increase upwards of 20 percent for the day, and more than 50 percent for the week, now standing as the sixth largest cryptocurrency. Today Was a Good Day… Again The last few days have seen serious price action, with the overwhelming majority of cryptocurrencies marking notable increases. The serious uptick was marked by Ripple’s (XRP) rally on Friday

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