Should Bitcoin Have Trading Halts or Circuit Breakers?

October 19, 1987. Better known as Black Monday (now a Showtime original series), it was the worst market crash in US history since Black Tuesday on October 29, 1929, which triggered the Great Depression. On Black Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 22.6%, while S&P 500 futures contracts plummeted 29%.  With trading volumes sky-high and systems overwhelmed all over the world in October 1987, a solution was finally put in place known as “trading […]

What to Expect from Bitcoin After Fed’s Two-Day Policy Meeting

Bitcoin rallied above $11,000 ahead of the Federal Reserve’s two-day meeting. Policymakers will decide whether or not to maintain their benchmark interest rate near zero. A general market consensus notes that the Fed will refrain from making any changes to its easing program. In the short-term, the news can help Bitcoin to continue its bull run. Bitcoin logged a surprising bull run at the start of this week, breaking above $11,000 for the first time […]

Bitcoin Breakout Above $11K Should Lead to All-Time High: Analyst

Bitcoin leaped over the $11,000-level Monday for the first time since August 2019. The rally appeared as a weakening dollar injected new buying momentum in the safe-haven assets. Josh Rager, the co-founder of Blockroots, stated the latest jump should lead Bitcoin to an all-time high after recalling a similar move from 2019. A flurry of supportive fundamentals helped Bitcoin price break above $11,000, a level it last touched in August 2019. The benchmark cryptocurrency established […]

How to Earn Cryptocurrency Dividends on Your Cold Storage Assets

The concept of cold storage predates the rise of cryptocurrencies. For investors, retaining assets in a secure environment is absolutely necessary for future-proof funds. As far as digital assets are concerned, extracting your wealth from cryptocurrency exchanges and custodial wallets to place them in cold storage is a wise course of action. The proliferation of lending protocols has made crypto cold storage even more tempting. Now, you can happily hoard your digital assets while earning […]

8 Ways To Survive A Cryptocurrency Market Downturn

Cryptocurrency Investing on eToro – a League of Its Own Cryptocurrencies represent a distinct asset class in a league of their own. While they have often been associated with extreme volatility since their inception a decade ago, volatility is a double-edged sword. While you can earn a significant amount of money quickly, you can also lose it just as fast. The average annual return of the US stock market since the 1950s is estimated at […]

Analysts Explain Why Bitcoin Price Risks Falling Below $10K

Bitcoin jumped above the $10,000-level on Sunday for the first time in almost two months. The rally appeared as falling yields on US bonds lifted demand for safe-haven assets. Nevertheless, some analysts, including gold bull Peter Schiff, expect Bitcoin to correct below $10,000 in the coming sessions. Bitcoin broke above $10,000 on Sunday after consolidating inside a sideways range for almost two months. The benchmark cryptocurrency rallied 8.19 percent in a three-day winning streak, hitting […]

Bitcoin Looks Beyond $10.5K as Global Bond Yields Collapse Below 1%

Bitcoin eyes a close above $10,500 as investors hunt for better profits in precarious markets. The analogy appears as a little over 60 percent of the global bond market now yields less than 1 percent. Bitcoin has started the new week with an incredible jump above $10,000. The benchmark cryptocurrency rose by as much as 3.94 percent ahead of the European trading session. As it did, the price established an intraday high at $10,333 – […]

Aave’s LEND Token Dips 27% after Rising 10X; is More Pain Ahead?

LEND, the native token of Aave’s non-custodial protocol surged by more than 1,000 percent in just three months. The parabolic rally helped the cryptocurrency establishing an all-time high at $0.384 earlier this week. Nevertheless, the top formation resulted in profit-taking among daytraders, sending the LEND price lower by 27 percent. A Santiment report warned about an extended bearish move based on the growing divergence between the LEND price and its number of active addresses. LEND […]

Bitcoin Analyst Warns of “Insane Shakeout” as Price Breaks Below $9.6K

Bitcoin rallied above $9,600 during the afternoon hours of the New York session Thursday. But it corrected lower on profit-taking sentiment among daytraders. Market analyst Ryan Scott warned that Bitcoin could undergo an “insane shakeout wick.” Bitcoin price held steady on Friday despite correcting below $9,600 following a supersonic rally yesterday. The benchmark cryptocurrency established a quarter-to-date top at $9,686 as bids for safe-haven assets, including gold, picked momentum against rising unemployment claims, and US-China […]

Not a Bitcoin Breakout: Fractal Suggests Crypto At Risk of Plunging

Bitcoin climbed higher in the last 24 hours, breaking above the $9,500-mark for the first time in a month. The jump helped improve the cryptocurrency’s short-term bullish sentiment after weeks of a sideways trend. Nevertheless, a convincing fractal from 2019 shows that the upside enthusiasm may live shorter than expected. This week saw Bitcoin breaking out of its narrow trading range to leap over $9,500, a level it last touched on June 23. The benchmark […]

A 4-Month High Bitcoin-Gold Correlation Hints at a Bullish Market Sentiment

The correlation between Bitcoin and its traditional rival Gold reached a four-month high on July 22. At the same time, the cryptocurrency’s correlation with the S&P 500 index plunged to its one-month low. The readings appeared as the US 10-year Treasury real yield sank to a record low last seen in 2012. The proximity between Bitcoin and Gold is growing as investors look for havens against an underperforming US bonds market. A report fetched by […]

Bitcoin Price Retests Classic Resistance Trendline, as Technicals Target $10,000

Bitcoin climbed higher on Tuesday following two weeks of flat price action. The jump led its price closer to retesting a classic resistance trendline with origins dating back to December 2017. A recent fractal shows the tendency of traders to test $10,000-$10,5000 following a close above the said trendline. Bitcoin may jump above $10,000 in the coming sessions, according to a historically convincing technical setup. In retrospect, the benchmark cryptocurrency broke out of its narrow […]

Peter Schiff Attacks Bitcoin as Silver Rallies to Six-Year High

Peter Schiff attacked Bitcoin over its inability to beat Silver at its intraday gains. The prominent gold bug said the metal is the new Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts shot back, accusing Mr. Schiff of cherry-picking data to propagate his anti-Bitcoin agenda. Peter Schiff believes silver’s rally will be short-lived. In condemning it, he called the metal “the new Bitcoin.” The previous one was a scam run by degenerate gamblers, says Schiff. It lacked a use case […]

Bitcoin’s Biggest Bullish Catalyst is Donald Trump; Here’s Why

Bitcoin is least bearish ahead of the US presidential election in November, according to Capriole Investments’ Co-Founder Charles Edwards. He said Tuesday that Donald Trump might attempt to tout the ongoing stock market rally for potential reelection. That may prompt him to continue their existing fiscal stimulus programs to keep the significant market indexes happy. Bitcoin traders want a supersonic bull run. Meanwhile, Donald Trump wants to win the next US presidential election. They both […]

Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Rally as Exchange Inflows Hit “Severe Lows”

Bitcoin inflow into crypto exchanges slows down as price treads sideways in a very narrow trading range. One analyst sees the trend moving in favor of bulls based on data provided by Santiment, a crypto-focused behavior analysis platform. Historically, a declining amount of deposits into the exchanges have led the Bitcoin rate higher. Not many traders are depositing their Bitcoin into exchanges. And it is suitable for the cryptocurrency. So says the data provided by […]

Flat or Breakout: What to Expect from Bitcoin This Week

Bitcoin sentiment seldom improved this past week as it remained stuck inside a $150-wide trading area. Traders maintained their distance from the top cryptocurrency while shifting their focus on the DeFi market. All eyes now remain on how the S&P 500 index performs. The US benchmark has formed a record positive correlation with Bitcoin. A clueless Bitcoin is hanging between a booming DeFi craze and a choppy US stock market as it enters the new […]

Stellar Leaps 12% Following Samsung Collaboration; Why a Bigger Uptrend is a Challenge

Stellar price rose higher late Thursday following its integration into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. The XLM/USD exchange rate logged a 12 percent increase on a 24-hour adjusted timeframe, a move that took the pair out of a one-year-long consolidation range. The standout performance appeared despite a bearish mood across the top cryptocurrency tokens. Stellar was stellar in the last 24 hours. The fourteenth-largest blockchain asset (Ticker: XLM) rose by more than 12 percent to $0.1053, […]

A Big Bitcoin Boom Ahead as Data Shows Rising Inflation Fears

Bitcoin expects to undergo a significant rally as a top economist predicts an inflation bias after 12-18 months. The analogy comes after demand for inflation-protected bonds spike in the US, showing investors expect consumer prices to increase in the future. Bitcoin has shown higher adoption in countries with a higher inflation rate, a narrative that prompts some to see it as an alternative to fiat money. It has been a boring couple of weeks of Bitcoin […]

Analyst Explains Why a Bitcoin Crash is Good News in Disguise

Bitcoin stands stuck inside a $250 trading range for more than two weeks. The cryptocurrency’s volatility and daily trade volume are, meanwhile, heading down, raising the possibility of a price breakout. An open survey conducted by Josh Rager, a renowned market analyst, found that a majority of traders expect Bitcoin to break to the downside. Nevertheless, Mr. Rager believes that the next Bitcoin crash is good news in disguise. Bitcoin risks crashing in the coming […]

Booming DeFi Craze Decouples Bitcoin From Stock Market

The last 48 hours of trading have witnessed Bitcoin decoupling from the US stock market. The cryptocurrency traded sideways with a bias modestly shifted towards bears. On the other hand, the S&P 500 moved in the opposite direction. This lack of short-term positive correlation coincides with a booming DeFi craze. Bitcoin appears to have decoupled for the US stock market as one broad phenomenon in the cryptocurrency market takes over traders’ conscience: the DeFi. Also […]