Bloomberg Hilariously Lists Bitcoin As A Space Stock

Bitcoin and the rest of the financial world is serious business, but every once and a while an accidental moment comes along that provides a needed break and laugh. One of those moments came recently via Bloomberg Business, which listed the cryptocurrency as a space stock. And while Bitcoin may be on a moon mission, it is not related to space in any way, making the slip up that much more hilarious. Bitcoin Listed As […]

How The Stock Market’s Great Rotation Resembles Bitcoin and Altcoin Relationship

The S&P 500 just closed its strongest weekly performance against the Nasdaq Composite in the last four years in what analysts are calling a “Great Rotation.” The trend of shuffling capital closely resembles what’s taking place across the crypto market with Bitcoin and altcoins. Is this “Great Rotation” essentially the stock market’s version of alt season? And what are the factors driving this interesting investment phenomenon? S&P 500 Beats Nasdaq Composite For First Time In […]

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Charged for Running $5.6M Bitcoin Scam

Jack Abramoff has agreed to plead guilty to charges of running a $5.6 million Bitcoin scam. The disgraced lobbyist duped investors into purchasing tokens that he promised would be convertible into a new and improved version of Bitcoin. Mr. Abramoff now faces up to five years in jail. Jack Abramoff, a disgraced Washington lobbyist from former President George W. Bush’s administration, has confessed about his role in operating a $5.6 million Bitcoin scam. The U.S. […]

Bitcoin Tumbles Under $7K, More Losses Ahead if Support Fails

Bitcoin has tumbled below $7,000 on Friday, which has surprised many investors. If the current support level at $6,900 doesn’t hold, the chances are that the bearish mood will extend. Bitcoin Slips on Good Friday Most of the traditional markets are closed today in observance of Good Friday, but crypto exchanges don’t experience a significant drop in trading volumes. This suggests that the bearish move is genuine and might continue if bulls don’t hold at […]

Bitcoin Cash Jumps 7.7% as Halving Arrives, BTC Rally Next?

Bitcoin is fast approaching the much-awaited halving event, but its main forks will start first. BCH will reduce its block reward today, while BSV will do this later this week. BCH, BSV Price Hit 1-Month High The Bitcoin community is preparing for one of the most important events that takes place once every three or four years – the halving. After block 630,000, Bitcoin miners’ reward will be reduced from 12.5 to 6.25. The resulted […]

Stock Rebound is Trap, Go Bitcoin Instead: Galaxy Digital CEO

Billionaire Michael Novogratz said that the recent rebound in stocks might lead to another decline soon. Instead, he is confident in Bitcoin and gold. Bitcoin Will Be Among Ideal Safe-Havens Novogratz, CEO of crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital, told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” that investors shouldn’t be misled by the recent spike in stock prices. Instead, buying non-stock assets, including cryptocurrency and gold, would be the right approach. The US stock indexes have been […]

Oil Prices Surge 24%, Will Bitcoin Bulls Follow Suit?

Bitcoin has been bullish this week, peaking yesterday at over $7,083 on Coinmarketcap and even surpassing $7,200 on several major exchanges. The cryptocurrency declined below $6,900 as of today, but the bullish stance might be supported by surging oil prices. Bitcoin-Oil Correlation Bitcoin usually doesn’t show any correlation to traditional assets. Still, it fell below $8,000 specifically after the oil market crashed by over 30%, which was the largest single-day decline in three decades. After […]

Bitcoin Outperforms Stocks in Q1 Despite Worst Month Since Jan 2018

Bitcoin just experienced its worst month since departing from its all-time highs 2 years ago, but still the leading crypto managed to outperform the US stock market in the first quarter of 2020. Global Pandemic Tears Markets Apart The financial markets were hit by the COVID pandemic that forced entire countries and industries to shut down. Most of losses came in March, which was one of the worst months including for Bitcoin. However, year-to-date, the […]

Bitcoin in Danger of Breaking $6K After Forming Double Top

Bitcoin has slightly declined during the last 24 hours, according to Coinmarketcap data, but the drop might extend in the coming hours and days. Currently, the BTC/USD pair is trading at $6,616.25 as of 7:47 UTC. Bears Might Take Control of Bitcoin Mood Yesterday, the price couldn’t break above $7,000 on most major exchanges and formed a double top on the hourly chart, which is a well-known bearish pattern in technical analysis. The first top […]

Bitcoin Still Months Away From Recovery, Fundstrat Analyst

Bitcoin might need several months to recover from its recent crash, according to a recent report published by Fundstrat Global Advisors. Bitcoin Needs Time to Repair Serious Damage The technicals behind the Bitcoin price are not in good shape, as per Fundstrat’s report published yesterday, though the cryptocurrency has already surged over 13% since then. Nevertheless, the oldest cryptocurrency is still 36% down from its February peak at over $10,300. The recent crash triggered by […]

Bitcoin Price Rebounds Perfectly in Line With Stock Markets

Bitcoin price surged 12% in the last 24 hours, according to Coinmarketcap data. The bullish mood coincides with the recent rebound in the US stock market, as S&P 500 futures were up 4% in the morning. Bitcoin Price Has Never Been So Correlated Bitcoin price used to move independently and sometimes act as a safe-haven when traditional markets were struggling. However, as the general panic has loomed over the global economy, Bitcoin cannot resist the […]

Whale Transfers Bitcoin Worth $10 Million to Bitstamp; Dump Incoming?

Bitcoins worth $10 million dollars have been transferred to the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp from an unknown wallet address. Will BTC dump again?  Just two days after Bitcoin’s biggest crash in over 10 months, falling from a value of around $7200 per BTC to under $5500 where it currently resides, a huge transfer of the cryptocurrency has taken place today. According to’s Twitter update: 2,000 BTC were transferred from an unknown address to the cryptocurrency […]

Bitcoin Dips Below $4K to 1-Year Low, What’s Next?

Bitcoin used to show little correlation with traditional assets, but the worst day for the US and European stock markets in three decades turned into one of the worst days for the crypto space. Bitcoin Plummets to $3,858 on Coinbase On Friday morning, many crypto exchanges saw Bitcoin tumbling to a daily of around $3,800, after which it quickly returned to above $4,000. On Coinbase, the king of crypto hit a daily low at $3,858, […]

Should the Crypto Community Be Worried About the Oil Crash?

Oil markets have tumbled by about 30% on Monday morning, which was the largest single-day decline in 29 years. Brent futures saw their second-biggest decline in history, behind the crash during the Gulf War in 1991. What does that mean for Bitcoin? Oil Demonstrates That Traditional Finance is Prone to Manipulations The oil market is proving once again that governments and entities can stick their noses into traditional markets by shifting their natural progress and […]

Wilshire-Phoenix Responds to SEC’s Bitcoin ETF Decision

Wilshire-Phoenix responded yesterday to the SEC’s decision this week which denied approval for their Bitcoin ETF application. Their criticism falls in line with SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce’s dissent with the SEC’s denials of several ETF applications. Another Bitcoin ETF Application, Another SEC Denial The SEC had until a February 26th deadline to make a decision on Wilshire-Phoenix’s Bitcoin ETF proposal, which was filed with the agency last year. The SEC issued an order disapproving the […]

Craig Wright “Is A Fraud”: Binance CEO Doesn’t Hold Back

On a slow news day, what better than a tweet from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhou (CZ) to liven things up?… A tweet from CZ beginning with the immortal phrase, “[Craig Wright] is a fraud,” that’s what! CZ Is A Thoroughly Modern CEO As the CEO of one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, CZ has taken a hands-on approach. Virtually all of the news coming out of Binance is delivered through him. He is unafraidRead More

Bitcoin Active Supply Drops: Are More People Buying BTC en Masse?

Yesterday, the active supply of Bitcoin on the market was at its lowest in months — suggesting consistent demand for BTC ahead of the halving.  The next Bitcoin halving is expected to occur on the 18th of May, 2020 — marking 4 years since the last halving event. This could explain why the active supply of Bitcoin dropped by 3.3% yesterday: people are buying more of the cryptocurrency ahead of the halving event which theyRead More

Twitter CEO is Pushing Bitcoin’s Benefits For Black America

Jack Dorsey is encouraging his Twitter followers to take a closer look at a new book that discusses Bitcoin’s potential to benefit the African-American community. Dorsey’s endorsement calls attention to the challenges racial minorities often have with the legacy financial system. Bitcoin Can Transform The Lives Of African Americans The Twitter CEO, long a supporter of Bitcoin, tweeted today: Excellent interview with @bitcoinzay on his book #Bitcoin And Black America. — jack 🌍🌏🌎 (@jack)Read More

Craig Wright To Face Hot-Shot New York Lawyer In Kleiman Case

Ira Kleiman’s legal representation filed a new document today, calling for a New York lawyer to be allowed to act as co-counsel for Kleiman in the ongoing case against Craig Wright. As the trial is being heard in Florida, special dispensation is needed for a representative who is not admitted to practice within the jurisdiction. Bringing Out The Big Guns for Craig Wright? So who is this new, hot-shot lawyer from The Big Apple? Um…Read More

Why Bitcoin Should Have Been a Part of These 5 Hedge Funds?

Five hedge fund managers. Each earning more than one billion dollars. But they could have earned more with Bitcoin. According to the latest research by Bloomberg, the top 5 hedge fund managers are estimated to have earned over $1 billion each. Among the top 10 investments contributing to the success of these 5 were tech stocks such as Facebook Ltd and Alibaba. While it was a successful year for these fund managers, their results couldRead More