A Fund Manager Just Bashed XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and Other Altcoins

Save for a few blips, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others have been part of the top 10 cryptocurrencies for years. Since the crash of 2018, the altcoins at the top of the pack have largely been unquestioned. But a prominent researcher and fund manager is challenging the status quo. He wrote in a recent tweet that he doesn’t think that five of the top 10 cryptocurrencies “do NOT deserve” being where they are today. […]

Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency Does “Not Look Healthy” After April Halving: Analyst

Just over a month prior to the Bitcoin (BTC) block reward halving on May 11th, forked cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) experienced its first-ever halving. Unlike BTC’s block reward reduction, it was not a bullish affair for the altcoin — which has suffered heavy fundamental losses since the April 8th event, a leading analyst has found. Bitcoin Cash Has Poor Fundamentals After Halving: ARK Invest The underlying Bitcoin Cash network has taken a strong blow after […]

Despite Bitcoin Halving, Analyst Charts That BCH Will Drop Below $100

After an extremely strong rally of over 100% from the March lows, Bitcoin Cash and the rest of the crypto market have started to reverse over the past few days. BCH in and of itself has shed approximately 15% from its highs, crushed as sellers take over the market. Most analysts assert that this drop is temporary, but one eerily accurate trader is calling for a brutal more than 50% drop for Bitcoin Cash, citing […]

Bitcoin Has Been Profitable For Over 95% Of Its Existence

Bitcoin price once again made an attempt to break above $10,000, but as of this writing, it failed to make it through the key level once again. But the latest push has brought Bitcoin back to profitability for most investors in the crypto asset. In fact, the first-ever cryptocurrency has been profitable over 95% of its existence, meaning that basically anyone who has bought BTC throughout its history is in profit. Bitcoin Price Action Brings […]

Fears of a Crypto Crash Grow: On-Chain Data Signals Imminent Altcoin Weakness

Although all altcoins are not yet rallying in tandem, some top crypto assets have been outperforming as of late. Case in point: CoinMarketCap data as of the time of this article’s writing, XRP — the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization — is up 10% in the past 24 hours, outpacing Bitcoin’s relatively mild 0.5% gain. This rally in some of the leading altcoins is unlikely to continue, with crypto firms observing a clear slowdown in […]

XRP and BCH at Risk of a Severe Correction After a Textbook Sell Signal Emerges

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen many begin to itch for a rally in XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and other high-profile altcoins. With Ethereum starting to outperform, investors have been wondering when others would follow suit. Luke Martin, a prominent crypto trader featured on CNN last year, summed up the hype well by posting the four charts seen below. Suggesting XRP and other altcoins are poised to surge, the analyst wrote: “Major alts have high correlation, […]

Are Bitcoin Miners Pumping BTC’s Hashrate to Profit from Halving?

There’s a notable increase in bitcoin’s mining hash rate, as miners now seek to acquire as many coins as possible before May’s block reward halving. As Always, Economic Incentives Drive Mining Not surprisingly, Bitcoin’s major price drop last month resulted in an equally notable drop in mining. Older, less-efficient rigs simply became too unprofitable to operate. Now that the price is moving back up, miners are putting these rigs back in action. There is presently […]

Bitcoin Cash 51% Attack Cost Is Crazy Cheap Right Now

According to a site called Crypto 51, the cost for staging a 51% attack on PoW coins is a lot lower than you think. In fact, right now, the cost per hour for wiping out Bitcoin Cash is just $9,130. That doesn’t include block rewards which “can reduce the attack cost by up to 80%.” 51% Attack on Bitcoin Cash Alarmingly Cheap Crytpo 51 shows a list of PoW coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Cash ‘Should Admit Failure’: Adamant Capital Founder

The BCH halving hasn’t gone well for Bitcoin Cash so far. Massive miner capitulation has seen it give up hash power to BTC. Adamant Capital Founder Tuur Demeester says it’s time to admit defeat. After BCH Halving Miners Capitulate There are some interesting moves in the cryptocurrency mining space right now. With just over one month to go until the Bitcoin Halving, and just half a day after the BCH halving, both BCH and BSV have lost […]

Bitcoin Cash Jumps 7.7% as Halving Arrives, BTC Rally Next?

Bitcoin is fast approaching the much-awaited halving event, but its main forks will start first. BCH will reduce its block reward today, while BSV will do this later this week. BCH, BSV Price Hit 1-Month High The Bitcoin community is preparing for one of the most important events that takes place once every three or four years – the halving. After block 630,000, Bitcoin miners’ reward will be reduced from 12.5 to 6.25. The resulted […]

Bitcoin.com Fires 50% of Staff Ahead of BCH Halving

It’s tough times ahead for BCH as Bitcoin.com prepares to work on a skeleton team. Just five days before the halving, the platform has allegedly fired half of its staff. Bitcoin.com Lays Off 50% of Workforce There’s been a ton of speculation leading up to the Bitcoin Halving over what will happen if the price doesn’t recover. In fact, after the savage sell-off last month that hammered all markets, the Bitcoin network adjusted its mining […]

Bitcoin Cash Miners Leave Network for BTC Amid Difficulty Drop

It’s troublesome times for everyone right now, not least for miners. But as Bitcoin experiences its second-largest drop in mining difficulty at 15.95%, miners have started abandoning BCH for the leading cryptocurrency. Miners Move After Difficulty Drop Soon after suffering a brutal sell-off inline with traditional markets, and the worst in seven years, the Bitcoin network adjusted its mining difficulty on March 26 from 16.55TN to 13.91TN. If you check out the following chart posted […]

Did Somebody Turn Off the Bitcoin Cash Transaction Generator?

With everybody busy bulk buying toilet paper and bemoaning the decreasing value of their portfolio, nobody seems to have noticed the crash in Bitcoin Cash transaction numbers. Until this morning that is, when Jameson Lopp pointed it out in a tweet. Halving Comes Early Joking that “The bcash (transaction) halving came early,” and “someone turned off their transaction generator,” Lopp highlighted the extreme drop off in transactions since March 8. Prior to this date, the […]

Mystery Miner Sweeps 9,000 Bitcoin Cash from SegWit Addresses

Over the course of two years, an unknown mining entity managed to sweep addresses for lost Bitcoin Cash (BCH), taking the coins as their own instead of returning them to owners. Lost Coins Grew Since 2017 Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Bitcoin Cash (BCH) stepped into a problem soon after its launch in August 2017. Due to address format similarities, over the years, BCH users mistakenly sent out coins to SegWit addresses, which are not supported […]

Roger Ver: I Didn’t Sign 12.5% Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Miner Tax Proposal

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent Roger Ver says neither he nor Bitcoin.com endorsed the controversial 12.5% BCH miner tax. Meanwhile, Bitcoin ABC is proposing a new dev funding plan which reduces the tax rate to 5% of the block reward. Roger Ver Distances Himself from Bitcoin Cash Miner Tax In a YouTube video Roger Ver, Executive Chairman of Bitcoin.com declared that he did not agree to put to his name on the original Bitcoin Cash minerRead More

Crypto Market Adds $14 Billion in 24 hrs, Pre-Halving Rally Underway?

The crypto markets have exploded in the last 24 hours with over $14 billion flowing in. USD Tether is the only coin in the top twenty, that’s in the red, and that’s because traders are buying coins and exiting stablecoins. The Bulls are back in the driver’s seat In the past 24 hours, we have witnessed a huge influx of cash into the crypto markets. Bitcoin led the market by smashing through the $9,580 resistance thatRead More The post appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

US Court Terminates Kraken, Bitmain, Roger Ver Lawsuit

After a year of appeals, a US court has finally granted a dismissal for the lawsuit of United Corp. against Bitmain, Kraken, Roger Ver and others in the crypto space. Bitmain, Kraken and Others Off the Hook For Now The lawsuit (United American Corp. Vs. Bitmain, Inc. et al), which called for a $4 billion compensation for the actions of the Kraken exchange, Bitmain, and Roger Ver, was dismissed. Now, United Corp. has the chanceRead More The post appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

Bitcoin Cash Receives European Bank Custody Support

Bitcoin Cash will be available for purchase through Liechtenstein’s Bank Frick. The small bank, which has opened its services to supply leading crypto coins, will also offer BCH custody for clients. Bank Frick Offers Fiat Options to Buy Bitcoin Cash Bank Frick has finally added Bitcoin Cash to its list of supported crypto tokens, including BTC, ETH, XRP, and LTC. Now, customers will be able to purchase BCH with Swiss francs, euro, and US dollars.Read More The post appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

Bitcoin Cash Dev Tax Could Have Serious Impact on Bitcoin Mining

Miners claiming to represent the majority of Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) hash rate intend to implement a plan to tax other miners in the community. Most remarkably, this tax could also affect all cryptocurrencies that share the SHA256 algorithm, including Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash Miners to Be Subject to a 12.5 Percent Tax The plan, under the name of Infrastructure Funding Plan for Bitcoin Cash, is becoming a heated topic of discussion among the crypto community. TaxesRead More The post appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

Bitcoin Cash Stopped Producing Blocks For 5.5 Hours, Find Out Why

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) experienced a serious mining anomaly today. The network failed to produce a single block in a five-hour period and it didn’t even cause a significant transaction backlog. Bitcoin Cash Low Usage Revealed by Slow Block Anomaly Bitcoin Cash usage is still lagging, show the latest blockchain event, where miners were unable to discover a block for hours. The Bitcoin Cash network returned to regular block production as of 8:00 UTC on Thursday,Read More The post appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.