Bitcoin’s Dominance is Signaling That “Altseason” May Be in Grave Jeopardy

Bitcoin’s dominance has been seeing a sharp decline over the past few days and weeks as altcoins have captured the majority of investors’ attention Yesterday, however, this metric hit a historically important region, and shortly after the benchmark cryptocurrency’s price began rebounding Some analysts are now noting that it may be “pullback time” for altcoins, with this potential decline being perpetuated if Bitcoin can smash above $10,000 Ethereum could also play a big role in […]

Why Silver’s Perfect Storm Surge Won’t Spill into Crypto

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and altcoins are suddenly heating up once again, thawing out of their long extended crypto winter. Alongside crypto, precious metals are also rallying potentially due to the two asset classes sharing similarities, such as scarce supply. But a sudden “perfect storm” causing silver prices to surge sky-high shouldn’t have investors expecting a similar breakout in altcoins – the silver to Bitcoin as digital gold. XAGUSD Surges By Over 18% To $23 A […]

How The Stock Market’s Great Rotation Resembles Bitcoin and Altcoin Relationship

The S&P 500 just closed its strongest weekly performance against the Nasdaq Composite in the last four years in what analysts are calling a “Great Rotation.” The trend of shuffling capital closely resembles what’s taking place across the crypto market with Bitcoin and altcoins. Is this “Great Rotation” essentially the stock market’s version of alt season? And what are the factors driving this interesting investment phenomenon? S&P 500 Beats Nasdaq Composite For First Time In […]

Fund Manager Explains Why Ethereum Rivals Will Significantly Outperform ETH

Ethereum has been the leading smart contract blockchain for years now. The blockchain’s native cryptocurrency, ETH, has a native market capitalization in excess of $25 billion. $25 billion is an order of magnitude higher than the market capitalization of Cardano’s ADA, $2.5 billion. Cardano, of course, is Ethereum’s primary competitor. And $25 billion is two orders of magnitude higher than the value of Zilliqa (ZIL), another competitor. Despite the asset’s dominance, analysts see Ethereum losing […]

Whale: Before the Next Bitcoin Bull Run, Expect an Altcoin “Extinction Event”

If you’ve looked into Bitcoin or cryptocurrency on Twitter over the past half-year, you likely know of “Joe007.” He is a pseudonymous BTC whale that, through Bitfinex’s leaderboard system, displayed he made millions of dollars trading a month. After a two-month hiatus, Joe007 returned to Crypto Twitter last week. And he’s been quick to make striking and polarizing comments. Expect an Altcoin “Extinction Event,” Bitcoin Whale Asserts Altcoins have done extremely well over recent weeks […]

Three Simple Reasons Why Ethereum Won’t Benefit from DeFi’s Growth

DeFi-related tokens have been caught within an intense bull market over the past several weeks, with many posting 100%+ gains This growth has been fueled by return-hungry investors looking to take advantage of “yield farming” This trend isn’t fading as fast as some analysts expected and could continue strong in the months ahead Although built upon Ethereum, the DeFi sectors growth hasn’t boosted ETH’s price One prominent investor doesn’t believe it will ever become the […]

This Trend on Bitfinex Puts Ethereum in a Precarious Position Compared to Bitcoin

Ethereum and Bitcoin have been seeing mixed price action in recent times The weakness seen by these two cryptocurrencies has been mounting over the past few days BTC is struggling to hold above $9,000 as Ethereum trades below its long-established trading range One trend that could have grave impacts for ETH in the near-term is the number of tokens being moved into exchanges – and particularly into Bitfinex This comes as the crypto finds itself […]

Ethereum is Showing Early Signs of Macro Weakness; What to Watch For

Ethereum has been inching lower after breaking below the support level at the bottom of its long-held trading range This decline has come about despite Bitcoin showing some signs of stability within the lower-$9,000 region ETH is now trading at a crucial support level that buyers are attempting to defend, as a break below it could be dire Analysts are now noting that for the first time in a long time ETH is showing signs […]

Ethereum Narrowly Avoids a Breakdown; Here are the Levels to Watch

Ethereum and the entire cryptocurrency market faced some turbulence yesterday as Bitcoin declined beneath its range lows of $9,000 This movement proved to be short-lived, as the buying pressure found here quickly propelled the cryptocurrency back up into its long-held trading range Although this hasn’t provided the markets with any clear direction, it did allow ETH to narrowly avoid posting a major breakdown The second-largest crypto was able to bounce at a critical support level, […]

Ethereum’s Strength Degrades Following Rejection at $250; What Comes Next

Ethereum has flashed signs of technical weakness overnight following a harsh rejection at $250 This level marked its high-time-frame resistance, and its inability to break above it seems to elucidate underlying weakness amongst its buyers Analysts are noting that it could be poised to continue pushing higher despite this latest setback There is one crucial level that it is trading just a hair above that could invalidate this potential rebound Ethereum has flashed signs of […]

Analyst: If Ethereum Fails to Rally Now, It May Never Be Able To

Ethereum’s price has seen a notable rebound from its recent lows, but it still remains caught within its wide multi-week trading range Its present lack of strong momentum has been surprising to many investors, as it has been garnering massive utility in recent times This has led one prominent data analyst to explain that it’s becoming “do or die” time for ETH He notes that a failure for it to post a swift rally in […]

The Probability of Ethereum Seeing a Parabolic Rise in 2020 is 7%; Factors to Consider

Ethereum has been moving in close tandem with Bitcoin throughout the past several days and weeks, struggling to garner any independent momentum as it ranges This sideways trading has done little to bolster the cryptocurrency’s bull case That being said, analysts have been pointing to its fundamental strength as a reason why it may soon explode higher Data seems to suggest that the crypto only has a 7% chance of seeing any type of intense […]

Will Ethereum’s “New Market Cycle” be Enough to Stop it From Plunging Lower?

Ethereum has seen a distinct divergence between its fundamental utility and its price action Despite seeing unprecedented usage rates, the cryptocurrency’s price action has been closely correlated to that of Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market One prominent investor is now noting that ETH appears to be entering a new market cycle This comes as the explosively popular DeFi trend continues gaining major traction From a technical perspective, some analysts do believe that it may […]

Ethereum’s Reaction to This Crucial Support Level Will Determine its Fate in 2020

Ethereum has seen some lackluster price action in recent times, largely facing sideways trading similar to that incurred by Bitcoin and the entire crypto market It has posted some signs of weakness throughout the past several hours due to it dipping below its well-established trading range This has led it down to what analysts are describing as a “crucial level,” and its reaction here could determine its fate in the months ahead One venture capitalist […]

Here’s the Critical Price Level That May Kick Off Ethereum’s Next Bear Trend

Ethereum investors have gained little insight into the cryptocurrency’s trend over the past few weeks Despite being stuck within a wide trading range, it is important to note that ETH has been hovering just above the lower boundary of this range over the past few days This has marked an underperformance of Bitcoin and many of its other peers, but an overnight dip below this level was quickly absorbed by buyers Analysts are still forecasting […]

Analysts: Bitcoin’s Dominance to Soon Collapse, Sparking Major Altcoin Rally

Bitcoin’s dominance over the aggregated cryptocurrency market has remain steady throughout the past several months This stability has come as most altcoins either shed value or hold up against their BTC trading pairs Until the benchmark cryptocurrency cedes some of this dominance, however, altcoins will not be able to gain any independent momentum That being said, analysts do believe that the proverbial “altseason” could be imminent, as BTC’s dominance over the market may soon collapse […]

Traders Believe Ethereum has Formed an “Ominous” Top Pattern; What Comes Next

Ethereum has been consolidating alongside Bitcoin, but the cryptocurrency has been flashing some signs of weakness as it inches lower Today it has declined against both its USD and BTC trading pairs Analysts believe this may be the result of a recently formed top pattern that comes across as “ominous” to some analysts Other traders are noting that there is one fractal pattern that signals a massive ETH decline could be imminent in the days […]

If History Rhymes, Ethereum May Have Just Hit Its Mid-Term Peak

Ethereum has been closely tracking Bitcoin’s price action throughout the past several weeks and even months, struggling to garner any independent momentum This correlation has grown particularly clear over the past few weeks, as ETH is now trading within a firm consolidation channel alongside BTC and other altcoins It is important to note that one fractal pattern has emerged that appears to suggest Ethereum has formed a mid-term top If history repeats itself, the crypto […]

Ethereum Forms Ascending Channel, But Bears Aren’t Out of the Woods Yet

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, has been able to recapture its previous trading range and put some serious distance between its current price and its recent lows The crypto market has been able to see a swift recovery from the overt weakness seen yesterday This, to many bulls, seemed to confirm that the market is well poised to see further upside in the days and weeks ahead In the case of Ethereum, the crypto now appears to […]

Ethereum Likely to Dive Towards $200 as Overnight Selloff Rattles Market Structure

Ethereum has decline today alongside Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market, breaking below a key support level that was previously being defended by buyers It now appears that ETH could be well positioned to see even further downside in the days and weeks ahead One technical indicator is forecasting that it will plunge to $200 before it is able to garner any notable buying pressure This could lead it to break below a key support […]