Binance CEO: 95% of Crypto Projects Are Unlikely to “Pump” This Cycle

Crypto altcoins have ignored Bitcoin’s inability to rally over recent weeks. Take the chart below, which shows that BTC has strongly underperformed some of the leading cryptocurrencies since the start of June. With the recent outperformance of altcoins, a select group of traders is expecting an “altseason.” The head technical analyst at crypto research firm Blockfyre commented: “There are people that don’t believe it’s #altseason. Look at $DOGE. Look at $BTC Dominance. 3 year trend […]

Retail Bitcoin Traders Repeatedly Shaken Out While Following Trends

Retail buyers helped push the price of Bitcoin back up toward $10,000 after the Black Thursday crash to below $4,000. Low prices proved to be too attractive to pass up, and traders went against the trend. But following the initial storm of buying, retail traders following the trend has led to repeated shakeouts, according to sentiment data from one crypto analyst comparing top positions on Binance with retail traders. Retail Buys Bitcoin’s “Blood In the […]

This Single Trend Could Send the Crypto Market Flying: Top CEO

If you to were to ask a random passerby why Bitcoin and crypto assets have done so well over the past decade, they would likely be flabbergasted. Simply put, the cryptocurrency market seemingly moves for no reason, rallying and falling on the whims of large traders rather than fundamental and technical events. According to a prominent investor, however, the bullish price action of crypto assets moving forward can be attributed down to a single trend: […]

$1 Billion of USDT Is Sitting on Binance, and That’s Big for Crypto

Over the past few months, Tether’s USDT stablecoin has become increasingly important to the crypto market; the asset’s market capitalization has swelled as it has surged in adoption, now amounting for much of Ethereum’s network traffic. Due to the growth, tracking the movement of USDT has given investors novel signals as to potential market trends. One such signal has seemingly appeared, with data indicating that leading crypto exchange Binance now holds a large sum of […]

Binance Rejects Charges of Embezzlement, Shares Its Side of Story

Binance reacted to recent allegations that it had embezzled hundreds of thousands of US dollars in cryptocurrency from a user, referring to recent reports covering the situation as false information. Binance Complied with Korean Law Enforcement’s Request On Wednesday, Bitcoinist reported that Binance was accused of embezzling almost $860,000 in crypto funds from a user based in Ukraine. On Thursday, Binance presented its side of the story. The crypto exchange admitted that the user’s account […]

Binance Charged with Embezzling $860k Worth of Crypto Funds

Crypto exchange Binance was accused of freezing an account worth around $1 million. The owner accuses the platform of embezzlement, but the company says it simply followed the requirements of the South Korean police. Binance Blocks Account Worth Almost $1M In November 2018, Binanace blocked an account that had over $850,000 worth of crypto funds. The owner claims that the exchange led by Changpeng Zhao (CZ) stole the money, Russia-based crypto news site Forklog reports, […]

Binance Korean Cloud Exchange Adds Zero-Fee Trading

The leading crypto exchange quietly dropped the news that it was entering the South Korean market with Binance KR earlier this week. Not only will this be the first exchange to run on the Cloud but it will be zero-fee as well. Binance KR to Leverage Core Functionalities When Binance announced the launch of Binance Cloud in February, CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said that he expected it to become the company’s biggest revenue source over […]

Bitcoin Whale Sends 5,500 BTC to Binance Worth $33.8M

Twitter bot Whale Alert reported that 5,500 Bitcoin was moved from an unknown wallet to Binance, prompting fears that the transaction might lead to a significant drop. $33.8M Worth of BTC Moved from Unknown Wallet to Binance On March 29, about $33.8 million worth of Bitcoin left an unknown wallet to reach Binance. The crypto exchange hasn’t confirmed yet that this was an internal move, which makes the crypto community think this might be another […]

Binance to Open Office in Shanghai – Yes, Really

It looks as if Binance has gone ahead and achieved the impossible. In a landmark move, CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced that Binance Academy will officially set up an office in Shanghai. Binance reaches ‘Milestone’ with Office in Shanghai Taking to Twitter today, CZ applauded the achievement of the Binance Academy team. They were able to reach a “milestone agreement” with the local government and open a legal physical presence in China. In other news, […]

Daring Analyst Calls Bitcoin Crash to $2.4K Soon

With market data showing a range of conflicting signals, one analyst has now made a bold prediction that Bitcoin will soon see its largest price collapse in over a year. Whereas investors should consider all possibilities, such a bold assumption is certain to be controversial. PREDICTION BASED ON CHART PATTERN BREAKDOWN This claim of a possible major drop comes from The Moon who has tweeted: Possible #Bitcoin bear flag on the 4-hour chart. The target […]

Binance Distributes ‘HIVE’ Tokens, Ignores Cease and Desist Order

Despite Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. requesting a cease and desist order to stop using its name, Binance has gone ahead and completed the distribution of ‘HIVE’ crypto tokens anyway. Binance Carries on Regardless with ‘HIVE’ Binance announced on its blog a little over an hour ago that the hard fork of the Steem blockchain initiated by was complete. It also explained that the distribution of HIVE tokens to STEEM holders had been finalized at […]

Binance Just Moved $470.8M of Bitcoin For This Tiny Fee

It must be nice to hold the same amount of Bitcoin as the mightly Binance. The behemoth exchange just moved $470.8mn worth of BTC (76,125) for a minuscule $1.50 fee. Binance Moved 76K BTC for Just $1.50 When the worst is over and we emerge from this ongoing crisis, more eyes will eventually turn to Bitcoin. Not only has it not halted trading during the mass sell-off like the traditional markets, but it continues to […]

Bitcoin Crash Could’ve Been Predicted 3 Days Early, Here’s How

While most of us sat watching the carnage with a mix of desperation and disbelief, according to data from CryptoQuant, many traders could have been spared. The latest bitcoin crash could have been predicted three days earlier. Here’s how. Bitcoin Crash Was Easy to Predict from BTC Inflows If you look at the chart below, you can see the volume of bitcoin inflows into all major exchanges before the crash. All inflows surged at around […]

Crypto Trader Gets $0.0001 LINK Order Partially Filled on Binance

A trader who placed an order for LINK on Binance in January 2019, got extremely lucky when the asset flash crashed today on Binance. The trader’s order partially filled allowing them to purchase 900K tokens at $0.0001 each. A deal so good, it feels like a steal A “Set and Forget” stink bid that is over a year old partially filled on $LINK/USDT today at $0.0001 due to a large, single order market sell. […]

Chainlink (LINK) Suffers Devastating Correction, Here’s Why

As the crypto markets took another dip on Thursday, Chainlink (LINK) saw the most dramatic shift in sentiment. The asset, which until recently defied gravity, could not continue on its rally. Chainlink Reverses Trend from $4 Peak LINK broke down tentatively under $4 in the past day, and initially showed just a slight pause in its climb. But in the past day, the price unraveled rapidly, both in dollar and BTC terms. The #11 largest […]

This One Crypto Coin Has Defied Today’s Market Crash

The entire crypto market remains in the red, with Bitcoin (BTC) dipping under $8,000. Yet ChainLink (LINK) is at the peak of another rally, still looking bullish. LINK Defies Market Crash, Boosted by Binance Derivatives LINK remains one of the assets to defy the market gravity this March, as prices went vertical both in dollar and BTC terms. LINK remains well above $4, breaking its all-time records with peak prices at $4.68. LINK also keeps […]

Binance Boss Refuses OKEx CEO’s Offer for ‘Help’ With a ‘Block’

Well, this is starting to get a little awkward. Binance went down once again today due to a “message broker issue.” As Binance developers furiously worked on fixing the problem, OKEx CEO Jay Hao offered to lend a hand. Then he got blocked by CZ on Twitter. Trading Paused on Binance Again Today The announcement of new and innovative business endeavors aside, Binance has seen better days. In fact, the pause on trading on the […]

Binance Boss Refuses OKEx CEO’s Offer for ‘Help’ With a ‘Block’

Well, this is starting to get a little awkward. Binance went down once again today due to a “message broker issue.” As Binance developers furiously worked on fixing the problem, OKEx CEO Jay Hao offered to lend a hand. Then he got blocked by CZ on Twitter. Trading Paused on Binance Again Today The announcement of new and innovative business endeavors aside, Binance has seen better days. In fact, the pause on trading on the […]

Steem Goes Down After Major Exchanges Hijack Consensus Mechanism

In a move that has both stunned and infuriated the Steem community, major crypto exchanges have used the voting power of their held tokens to restructure the platform’s consensus algorithm. The network has now gone down in a move that may be tied to Justin Sun’s acquisition of Steemit late last month, and the community’s attempt to limit his power. JUSTIN SUN ACCUSED OF STEEM RETALIATION By purchasing Steemit, Justin Sun gained control of a […]

Bitfinex Prepares to Go on Crypto Delisting Spree

Bitfinex crypto exchange has announced it will start an immediate delisting spree this Wednesday, removing pairs with extremely low volumes.  Bitfinex Delisted Only Illiquid Pairs, Still Carrying Underlying Coins and Tokens Bitfinex has once again reviewed its trading pairs and announced it will start a new wave of delisting soon. Besides a technical difficulty, carrying small-scale coins and low-volume markets can be a doorway for exploits. The removal of these trading pairs is a common measure […]